Shopping instructions

Note: This is a new product for the Australian market. Therefore we would like to invite you to our showrooms to view and try our products. Kymdan does not provide on line purchases, as we prefer the conventional methods of face to face contact with customers.

1. Select product(s) or product category by using the website’s menu: u:

Via the menu, it is easy and convenient for you to search product(s) or product category that interests you.The menu is divided into two rows:

  • The upper row displays introductory information, product categories, news and main services. 
  • The lower row displays product information, product categories and details of the information you selected on the upper row. 

For example: When you drag the mouse cursor on MATTRESS on the menu’s upper row, links of Deluxe MattressMassage Mattress, Kymdan Special Deluxe, Folding Mattress, etc. appear in the lower row for your selection.

2. Select product(s) on the product category page or the first page:

These pages list products by category and each category is displayed in the most common specifications. If the displayed product specifications match your preferences, please click “Order” to put the product in your shopping cart. If you find the product to purchase but its specifications do not match your preferences, please click the product photo or product name or “See details” for more information, photos and all specifications of products that interest you. 

3. Select product(s) and specifications from the product details page:

If there are many specifications for a product such as a mattress and mattress cover on this page, such specifications are listed and displayed according to product thickness. Click on the link related to thickness for specifications that match your demand. Click the “Order” icon to put the product in your cart. 

4. See and change cart information

After a product is in your cart, the website will navigate to the cart information page for change and confirmation of product, quantity, specification, and payable amount. You can re-enter the quantity or enter “0” to remove any unwanted item from your cart. Click “Update” to confirm change(s) in your order. To select more product(s), please use the menu and follow the above guide or use the search function to locate quickly any product. (Use correct input of “KYMDAN,” instead of “Kimdan,” “Kim dan,” or “Kim dan” for better search results).

To return to cart information, click “See cart” on the right side of the menu’s lower row. 

5. Provide contact information and complete the order process:

Please fill out relevant information, confirmation code and click “Order” to complete the order process. 

Australia 1300 Kymdan
Vietnam (+84.8) 3861 9999
Cambodia (+855.23) 880 313
  1. Have optimal firmness for spine support.
  2. Distribute pressure evenly to provide comfort, do not cause knee or elbow aches due to kneeling or propping.
  3. Have noiseless expansion and contraction and do not spread vibration that affects others sleeping nearby.
  4. Provide aeration, do not cause the user’s back to become hot.
  5. Do not contain toxic heavy metals.
  6. Do not contain nitrosamine, which causes skin cancer.
  7. Are insect resistant.
  8. Are environment friendly.
  9. Are fire resistant.
  10. Have perfect elasticity and do not compress with sunken or hollow areas.
  11. Have high mechanical durability and are not damaged due to jumping on the mattresses.
  12. Have average life of 25 years.
  13. Are easy to roll and convenient to transport.
  14. Are odorless or chocolate scented.