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Wonder Bed

Wonder bed is designed to be a unit that connects comprehensively from one end to the other. Grooved straight lines and curved and rounded bed ends are the focal points of the product.
Duration of warranty : 6 years

Size Price Add2Carts
1.37m x 1.87m (54.33" x 74.02") Call Đặt mua
1.53m x 2.03m (60.24" x 79.92") Call Đặt mua
1.83m x 2.03m (72.05" x 79.92") Call Đặt mua

(Prices above doesn't include mattress, mattress-covered sheet and drap)

Retail price applied for Australian Sydney & Melbourne market
(Including GST)
- Colors displayed on the screen are only relative, so there may be some difference from real colors of the product.

Information about registration for industrial model proprietary

KymdanDate of designRegistration for industrial model proprietary
Date of registrationRegistration No.

Note: Above product design is the proprietary of Kymdan Company, having been registered for its industrial model. All rights of copy or use without prior permission of Kymdan will be considered illegitimate

Instructions On Use: details...

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  1. Have optimal firmness for spine support.
  2. Distribute pressure evenly to provide comfort, do not cause knee or elbow aches due to kneeling or propping.
  3. Have noiseless expansion and contraction and do not spread vibration that affects others sleeping nearby.
  4. Provide aeration, do not cause the user’s back to become hot.
  5. Do not contain toxic heavy metals.
  6. Do not contain nitrosamine, which causes skin cancer.
  7. Are insect resistant.
  8. Are environment friendly.
  9. Are fire resistant.
  10. Have perfect elasticity and do not compress with sunken or hollow areas.
  11. Have high mechanical durability and are not damaged due to jumping on the mattresses.
  12. Have average life of 25 years.
  13. Are easy to roll and convenient to transport.
  14. Are odorless or chocolate scented.