1. The optimum elasticity of Kymdan mattresses (see details) helps to maintain the natural curvature of the users' spine, thus not causing the spine to sag (the mattress does not become indented or sunken while laying). This extremely important feature helps avoid back pain and is especially beneficial for the spinal degeneration of elderly people, as well as the spinal development of children during their growth period..

Assists in maintaining the 03 natural curvatures of the users' spine



2. Thanks to the optimum structure of the mattress with a suitable distance between the bearing walls of the mattress base and bearing ability of material, the force while laying will be distributed evenly throughout the contacted area. By eliminating pressure points, this feature allows the user to feel more comfortable while optimally supporting their body and spine in any sleeping position by maintaining proper sleep posture.

Force distribution diagram (for body weight of 56 kg)


Force distribution diagram (for body weight of 65 kg)


Note: the force distribution density is according to the color chart
 Higher pressure distribution
 Lower pressure distribution


This feature helps to reduce joint pain commonly caused by pressure point buildup. The effectiveness of this feature is most evident when the user kneels or lay propped on their elbow on the mattress (e.g. when reading books).


3. The elasticity of Kymdan mattresses has a specific effect that enables motion to remain isolated to the area of contact, our mattresses do not cause motion transfer or emit any sound that may disturb any nearby sleeper.

This feature is especially beneficial for families with young children as their sleep will not be disturbed even if the mother frequently moves or changes her sleep position.

4. An open foam mattress structure allows air circulation and increases contact surface. The mattress base has large square holes and the mattress top surface has small round holes, resulting in extremely high aeration that eliminating moisture build up due to heat while laying down (Before 1975, Kymdan mattresses were called Kymdan Ventilated Latex mattresses).
This special feature is great for parents with babies that occasionally wet the bed. Due to the structure of the foam openings, which allows liquid to flow through the permeable mattress.
5. Thanks to our purification techonology, we are able to eliminate all toxic constituents such as heavy metals (mercury, arsenic and cadmium) to produce a mattress that is safe for direct contact with the consumer (see test results).
6. Does not contain Nitrosamine in the product, does not emit Radon gases, ensuring the product is safe to use.
  • Nitrosamine: is a commonly found substance in the rubber processing industry, that is a carcinogen when exposed (penetrates the body through the skin and sweat glands).
  • Radon (Rn) is a gaseous radioactive element that is colorless and odorless. It can accumulate indoors, in closed-off environments, resulting in high levels of Radon gases in the air which can lead to lung cancer if inhaled. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer followed by smoking.
7. Kymdan mattresses are insect resistant. The mattress is not suitable habitat for insects, so there are no insects inside. Without insects crawling, biting or stinging, users can have a worry free sleep. Kymdan mattresses also protect a user from any germs spread by insects.

Children may cry in the middle of the night and parents are unsure as to why. This could possibly be due to bed bugs biting, causing a burning sensation. The Kymdan Natural Latex mattresses are anti-dust mite and anti-insect. In simply terms, bed bugs does not like to live in the Kymdan mattresses. This will no doubt give parents peace knowing that their children are have a safe and healthy night's sleep.
8. Made of natural rubber, the product degrades naturally at the end of its service life. This eminent factor meets ecological standards for protecting the environment in relation to solid wastes that cannot degrade. Products of other manufacturers do not meet environmental standards so well.
9. Are fire retardant, as shown in their non-flammable ability to; not ignite when a burning cigarette comes in contact; not ignite when a forgotten iron has been left on; not ignite with a red hot charcoal (no flame); not ignite due to high temperature metal particles from welding sparks; not cause fire outbreaks the flames to quickly spread; absorb water quickly thanks to their open foam structure which allows for easy fire extinguishing with water.
10. High elasticity is normal in natural rubber. However, Kymdan's products have perfect elasticity so that they return to their original shape and size even after bearing intense and continuous force. This feature keeps Kymdan mattresses from compressing and developing hollow areas during long use and prolongs service life.
11. With unique technology, Kymdan products have great mechanical strength and could easily bear high and continuous pressure loads without being damage. Such bearing capacity is proven in tests done by Kymdan Company. After being subjected to a 10-ton roller moving back and forth 200 times, Kymdan mattress products remain intact and undamaged, thus, demonstrate the amazing sustainability of Kymdan mattresses.

With this outstanding characteristic, Kymdan mattresses have won the hearts of families with young children due to its excellent ability to endure extreme compressions from children running, bouncing and jumping on them. Moreover, a child will not be hurt when falling on the mattress.

12. Naturally, natural rubber latex does not have high aging ability. However, due to unique know how, Kymdan mattresses have high aging ability and quality does not change over time, prolonging service life to an average of twenty-five years. Service life can even be up to thirty years if the mattress is used and maintained in compliance with instructions in the warranty, (See User’s Guide and Mattress Warranty sections).

Many private businesses in Vietnam that produce products such as motorbike saddles or lounge suites buy used Kymdan mattress material to use in their products. Such businesses claim that their products are made from Kymdan products and the reason for such advertising is that Kymdan mattresses have long service life and quality indicators such as elasticity and high tensile strength change little over time.

Kymdan hereby states categorically that there is no policy of providing Kymdan mousse as raw materials for other businesses. All advertisements or claims from other companies suggesting that products made from Kymdan mousse are false or such products are made from previously owned Kymdan latex mattresses.

13. The flexible mattress can be bent, making it easier for changing bed sheets and making the bed daily.

Please Note:

  • There are other mattresses made from natural latex that are 6-12kg heavier than Kymdan mattresses (for mattress dimensions 1.6m x 2m x 0.15m and 1.6m x 2m x 0.20m).
  • Kymdan mattresses are highly flexible. When changing bed sheets, the four corners of the mattress can easily be lifted and gently bent to place the bed sheet on without damaging the mattress (video example).
14. Bad odor of rubber latex is absolutely eliminated from Kymdan products. Our mattresses have a light, pleasant fragrance.

Any mattress product that has unpleasant rubber odor is definitely not a Kymdan product.  Genuine Kymdan mattresses have a light, pleasant fragrance. 

Thanks to the preeminent features of the products as mentioned above as well as the secrets of absolute deodorization of the rubber smell, Kymdan has become the only Vietnamese company with stable export of latex mattresses to the developed countries in the past 20 successive years because these markets demand mattresses to be strictly odorless.

15. The natural latex foam of Kymdan mattresses is Bacteria Resistant (following test method ISO 22196-2011) and Mold Resistant (following test method ASTM G21-15), as validated by testing conducted by Bureau Veritas, USA (Test report # (5120)274-0161). This demonstrates when purchasing Kymdan mattresses, you will not be carrying diseases into your home. After a long period, even if your living environment is not properly cleaned, the Kymdan mattress will not be a place for diseases to develop.


These features help make Kymdan products unique to the market and have been the main factor in maintaining Kymdan's good reputation.


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