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"Choosing a suitable mattress considerablly affects our health, especially our spine. Yet, not all consumers understand this. If the mattress you choose is too soft, it will make your spine unusually curved, which leads to spinal problems later in life. On the other hand, mattresses which are too hard will have no resilience and do not bring you soft and comfortable feeling, which makes it hard for you to have a good sleep.
Therefore, manufacturers have been researching to find out a mattress which has high elasticity and suitable firmness for smooth feeling, yet is still able to support your spine. This is specially important for children in their development period, who need to lie on appropriate mattresses to protect their spines from scoliosis later in life.
As a doctor providing treatment to patients suffering from spinal tuberculosis, degeneration of spinal vertebra, especially elderly people who usually have back pain, patients in the postoperative period, children with congenital scoliosis, etc., to avoid spinal problems I recommend using Kymdan as this product address the above problems.
For students who are the future of this country, keeping the spine well developed is part of protecting their health, ensuring good learning and working outcomes."


Dr. Rodney Rowe 

Specialist in Sports & Spinal Clinic in Australia
East St Kilda Sports & Spinal Clinic 298 Dandenong Road East St Kilda, Victoria 3183 Australia

  KYMDAN mattresses are recomended by doctors                             Download:    4,2Mb

"As an Osteopath, I always recommend my patients to use a KYMDAN mattress as a method of increasing the success of their treatment. I have found that KYMDAN mattresses have an optimum firmness and elasticity level that is required to fully support the user’s spine.

KYMDAN mattresses are not only beneficial for supporting the spine of those with spinal diseases, but are also suitable to the spinal development of growing children. Furthermore, KYMDAN mattresses are also beneficial to adults and elderly people during their spinal degeneration process, by helping to maintain the natural curvature of the spine through proper sleep position.

I have complete faith in the outstanding qualities of KYMDAN mattresses and highly recommend everyone to use a KYMDAN mattress as a method of protecting the health of your family’s spine.".

Question: “Many consumers who use KYMDAN mattresses at home report back pain and sleep problems during their business trips, vacations, etc. while staying in hotels equipped with mattresses other than KYMDAN mattresses. Why?”

AnswerTo avoid back pain and negative impact on the spinal area during daily living, working, and resting activities, it is important to maintain the three natural curvatures of the spine (see the scientific article of Ngo Minh Ly, M.D., PhD, Head of Spine Ward A, Hospital for Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Ho Chi Minh City).

"In addition to ensuring proper physical movement such as sitting, walking, standing or working, sleeping and resting are also particularly important in maintaining three natural physiological curves of the spine. Sleeping and resting account for one third of the total time per day, so it is very important to choose mattresses with appropriate firmness. Through my experience working and consulting with patients, that suffer from spinal conditions, I understand that KYMDAN mattresses give appropriate treatment support for patients with spinal problems. KYMDAN mattresses also help protect and maintain the three natural physiological curves of users who have no spinal problems. Such reasons may explain why users of KYMDAN mattresses avoid back pain related to sleeping and clarify why people accustomed to good elasticity and optimal firmness are prone to back pain and insomnia if they use mattresses that lack appropriate support. To avoid such spinal problems, people used to KYMDAN mattresses should choose hotels or accommodations that offer KYMDAN mattresses".

Three firmness levels of KYMDAN Mattresses

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