Customers have long trusted Kymdan’s outstanding qualities. For that reason, the company faces increasingly frequent counterfeiting of products. Deceitful copying or fraudulent product substitution are two of the most common ways customers are cheated. By reviewing cases where the consumer have been victimized by counterfeit and false products in recent years, Kymdan can say that customers who have been victimized fall into the following categories:

  • There are currently many web adverts that advertise selling faulty Kymdan products, stolen Kymdan mattresses, second-hand Kymdan mattress… with low prices to easily fool consumers into buying counterfeit Kymdan products. With many situations where consumers who have purchased what they thought was an authentic Kymdan mattress, the unethical seller would: deliver a different branded mattress or tell the buyer that there are no longer anymore Kymdan mattresses and ask that the customer picks a different mattress.
  • For the most part, customers do not receive up-to-date product information via the media or Kymdan website, especially those who do not have access to computers. For those reasons, they are not well informed about the differences between genuine and false mattresses when purchasing. This enable vendors, who are not officially authorized Kymdan agents, to misguide the consumer by claiming that their products are actually made by Kymdan but have with lower quality and using different brand names, second grade Kymdan products, old, damaged or liquidated Kymdan stock, Kymdan products obtained in cooperation with Taiwan or Singapore, etc.. In some cases, they even claim that their products are manufactured by disgruntle former Kymdan employees collaborating with another factory. In other cases, making false claim that Kymdan mattress products are expensive only because of the brand name but the quality of Kymdan is actually similar to other manufacturers. 
  • Some customers are informed about Kymdan products but do not inspect delivered goods that have mattress covers because they trust the vendor. Such customers later discover that the vendor substituted products fraudulently when a quality issue arises through use of the product. In cases where vendors are trusted, there is lack of caution and delivery inspection when:
    • Customers buy mattress products at stores that display “Kymdan” without authorization, causing customers to think that those stores are official Kymdan agents leading customers to be less wary.
    • As of 31/07/2011, Kymdan has identified 387 stores displaying Kymdan signs without Company authorization. These are evident of infringement of intellectual property rights of the Kymdan trademark. Kymdan has sent official documents to these stores and 305 of them have had to remove such signs. Currently, 82 stores nationwide are infringing on Kymdan intellectual property rights. Kymdan is now working with competent authorities to demand these stores remove the signs. In 2010, the number of false products increased significantly. From 01/01/2011, Kymdan will publish information, including pictures of the store, of those stores that have violated intellectual property of Kymdan Company (even after Kymdan made attempts to communicate the matter) on our website until their violates cease.


List of stores with sign of violation.

Some stores and websites advertise heavily discounted Kymdan products, causing customers to be careless due to the allure of a cheap bargain. As a result, customers are deceived with products by other brands.

  • Businesses that wish to equip Kymdan mattresses often lack control over their own purchases. This results in staff fraudulently profiting from price margin by procuring cheap products that they falsely claim to be Kymdan.
  • For mattresses that are given as gifts, the following situations are common:
    • The givers knowingly buy lower quality mattresses to offer to relatives or superiors and misinform the recipients that the products are made by Kymdan.
    • The giver buys a Kymdan mattress from an unofficial Kymdan vendor and trusting them, requests the vendor to deliver the product directly to the recipient without inspecting the delivered product. This allows the vendor to unscrupulously substitute the Kymdan mattress with a low-quality product, and only when the substituted mattress shows the damage is the truth known.

Many customers who wish to purchase Kymdan mattresses become victims of impersonation sales practices. In many cases, customers who purchased a latex mattress after a short time of use find the mattress has become damaged and brittle. They would then call Kymdan Company to request warranty services, only to find out the mattress they purchased was a counterfeit or different branded mattress, not an authentic natural latex mattress manufactured by Kymdan.

Furthermore, there recently have been a number of cases in which certain individuals have used trucks to travel to rural communes. There, they invite residences to exchange their old Kymdan mattress for a new one, charging a small fee. Only after exchanging their old mattress for a small fee do the residences realize that the new mattress is not a Kymdan Mattress.

All discovered cases are documented with confirmation from the victims. These documents are evidence that Kymdan Company will use to assist victims if they wish to take their case to court. However, Kymdan still would like to give the violating shops a chance to reflect on their actions and voluntarily correct their fraudulent behavior. Almost all counterfeit products have a bad rubber odor, serious loss of elasticity, and deterioration after brief use. In such situations, not only does the customer lose money and suffer distress, but the reputation of Kymdan is also seriously affected.

The above cases are fraudulent acts towards consumers and unjust competition towards Kymdan, negatively affecting Kymdan brand reputation.

These illicit rivalry practices also include many cases where a Kymdan mattress user has not followed proper care instructions, in certain cases, even deliberately damaging the product and then requesting that Kymdan provide warranty. Kymdan determines that these types of customers are not ordinary consumers, but ones with the intention of being difficult by making unreasonable requests. There have even been cases inwhich we have requested to recall and refund the product, but the fraudulent consumer purposely refuses and continues to use the damaged product, threatening to publish it to the media.

Over the past years, the number of cases showing signs of illicit competition, intentionally difficult consumers, are as follows:

  • In 2005: 220 cases
  • In 2006: 487 cases
  • In 2007: 340 cases
  • In 2008: 336 cases
  • In 2009: 310 cases
  • In 2010: 581 cases
  • In 2011: 738 cases
  • In 2012: 80 cases
  • In 2013: 45 cases
  • In 2014: 59 cases
  • In 2015: 40 cases
  • In 2016: 29 cases
  • In 2017: 34 cases
  • In 2018: 55 cases
  • In 2019: 59 cases
  • In 2020: 31 cases
  • In 2021: 62 cases

Kymdan has always provided dedicated services to customers for their ease and satisfaction. However, in cases of non-compliance with use and storage guides, as well as unreasonable requests, Kymdan resolutely refuses for if we were to comply to their unreasonable requests, they will only continue to make the situation even more dire by being more difficult, to no end.

Kymdan Company asserts that we only manufacture and distribute ONE GRADE OF QUALITY that has been tested and meets standards, we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT MANUFACTURE AND DISTRIBUTE SECOND GRADE PRODUCTS. Furthermore, Kymdan does not cooperate with any business or organization to manufacture, or sell our products through a mobile truck, nor do we offer programs that allow you exchange your old mattress for a new one by paying a difference.

Anyone offering Kymdan mattress exchange programs, selling Kymdan mattresses through a mobile truck, selling “B-grade Kymdan mattresses”, or “anyone stating they are cooperating with Kymdan Company” are scamming.

If you wish to purchase authentic Kymdan products directly from the manufacturer, please directly contact any Kymdan Stores or Official Agents listed on www.kymdan.com or call us at 1800 9053.

The Kymdan Store App (for Android and iOS operating systems) and the online shopping website kymdanshop.vn allow you to safely purchase authentic Kymdan products in Vietnam. The App and website offer convenient online payment and 0% online installment payment option.

Each Kymdan agent is officially selected and authorized to distribute Kymdan products in a specific area. New Kymdan agents undergo comprehensive review and the opening of an agency is based on strict criteria aimed at choosing the best agent in terms of ethics and ability. An agency in the Kymdan distribution network is subject to strict and frequent inspection. Any agent, even when their contract is in the process of termination, found selling counterfeit products or found to be infiltrated by competitors is promptly removed from the list of authorized Kymdan agencies posted on our website. Therefore, customers can rest assured when buying goods at agencies authorized by Kymdan and have no worry about buying false mattresses. 


Signboards that identify Kymdan affiliated shops nationwide  



Night time (lit by LED lights or Neon sign) 




Night time (lit by LED lights or Neon sign) 



Signboards that identify Kymdan affiliated agents nationwide  



Night time (lit by light box made from Hiflex) 




Night time (lit by light box made from Hiflex) 


To avoid being misled by advertisments related to warranty policy that is dishonest or unclear or intentionally obscure, warranty matters deserve careful consideration by consumers before a purchase decision is made. Some customers discover, that some manufactures deliperately avoid responsibility and critically violate customer right only when warranty service is required.

Note: for convenience in searching Kymdan products and related information, please correctly keep in mind the Kymdan trademark (instead of indicating “Kimdan,” “Kim dan,” “Kim dan” or “kym dan”).





- Kymdan Deluxe Mattress: White AirFresh mattress cover, netted mesh fabric, label with Kymdan logo sewn on the side of the mattress cover.

- Kymdan SoftFresh Max mattress cover manufactured with the mattress (cannot be removed from the mattress foam core). Label with the Kymdan logo found on the top or side of the mattress, mattress specification label found on the side of mattress and a base side warning label found on the base of the mattress.

- Mattresses will come with a Warranty Card containing all information regarding the manufacturer’s Product Quality Standards Chart


A variety of mattresses, in various colors and materials different to Kymdan mattresses

- Warranty Card in English, sometimes Chinese or does not come with a Warranty Card at all


- Color: pale cream (for Kymdan Deluxe, Kymdan Massage mattresses…) or pale pink (for Kymdan Deluxe Premium/Kymdan Massage Premium mattresses…)

- Light, pleasant fragrance.

- Structure: Small round holes on mattress core surface. Even spaced, large square holes on the mattress core base.

- Kymdan logo embossed on both sides of the mattress core

- Kymdan Quality Check qualification mark on the mattress core.

- Code on the Warranty Card matches the code stamped on the mattress core.

- Color: a variety of colors that differ to the color of Kymdan mattresses.

- Smell:

    + Strong rubber smell

    + Foul-smelling odor

- Structure: similar to the structure of Kymdan mattresses

- Other brand logos found on the side of the mattress.

- No Kymdan Quality Check qualification stamp found on the mattress core.

Kymdan Deluxe mattress foam density level 1 (SDH), mattress dimensions 180x200x15cm:

- Apparent Foam Density: 175  -  200kg/m3

- Indentation hardness index: 300 - 400N

- Compression Set (25% compression of the thickness, continuously for 22h,  70°C): ≤ 5.0%

- Tensile Strength: ≥ 220 kPa [Equivalent ≥ 2.24 kG/cm2 (Equivalent 224 kG/dm2 (decimetre square))]

- Elongation at break: ≥ 250%

- Aging co-efficient (70°C, 72h): > 0.86

- Copper content (Cu): ≤ 10mg/kg

- Manganese content (Mn): ≤ 10mg/kg
- Quality Standards not listed
- Crumbling, hardening or sagging of the mattress after one year of use. 



Nhãn hiệu Kymdan

The Kymdan brand name is embossed on both mattress walls


  • Kymdan products are distributed through officially authorized Kymdan stores and agencies nationwide. 

  • It is recommended that you externally inspect your mattress at least once a year for any signs of degradation, latex foam brittleness,  deformation (cover will stick to latex foam body) and loss of elasticity, etc.

How to differentiate elastic mattresses from compressed and inelastic mattresses with sunken or hollow areas:

Elastic mattress:



Kymdan Mattresses - do not flatten (indented, hollow), high compressive strength,
high elasticity, instantly return to their original shape and size


Inelastic and compressed mattresses have sunken or hollow areas:

Compressed and inelastic mattresses have sunken or hollow areas appear.
Mattresses remain compressed and have sunken or hollow areas even when no force is applied and do not return to initial shape and size. 



Kymdan mattresses - high tensile strength and high tear strength



False mattresses: torn - bad quality, rotten (aged)   
How to differentiate genuine mattresses from false mattresses after one year of use



 Mattress deliberately damaged by excessive exposure to sunlight.


 Kymdan mattresses have an average lifespan of 25 years if well kept and used properly

 Using Kymdan Mattress is efficient and economical

Video Clip: The amazing endurance of  Kymdan mattress
Kymdan Mattresses are highly recommended to use by doctors (see details)

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