The Global Registration Services, Inc. – GRS (USA) has confirmed that KYMDAN natural latex mattresses and pillows meet requirements for import and circulation in all US territories (fire retardancy is one of the requirements for product import and circulation). In particular, according to the laws of the 14 states, a separate license for import and circulation of each State has been granted.

Please note: Any mattress manufacturer that state their products are compliant for import and selling in the USA, but cannot show proof of this document are falsely advertising.

KYMDAN is a member of the Australasian Furnishing Association

KYMDAN Deluxe Mattresses exported to Australia are endorsed by Osteopathy Australia - a government acknowledged association representing and regulating Osteopaths throughout Australia - proving that they are suited to aid in chiropractic therapy (e.g. scoliosis treatments).

Certifies that insects are incapable of residing in KYMDAN mattresses and pillows

Certificate of Conformity with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system issued by Quacert

KYMDAN Laboratory’s Compliance with International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005

List of Certificates and other Verification Test Reports

KYMDAN Company has also received a series of other accreditations from globally renowned and prestigious laboratories.  

  • Verified as being Natural Latex (USA)
  • Verified as containing no Nitrosamine carcinogen (USA and France)
  • Verified as being bacteria resistant and mold resistant (Japan)
  • Etc.

Main Product Collection

Natural latex - Optimum elasticity - Perfect support for the spine - Fire retardant - Bacteria resistant - Mold resistant - Insect resistant

Combining advanced technology and our very own proprietary manufacturing techniques, KYMDAN natural latex foam mattress products embody 15 Outstanding features to deliver exceptional comfort. Specifically designed and manufactured with high elasticity to help maintain the natural curvatures of the spine.



Natural latex - the right level of softness - effectively supports the neck - insect resistant - Bacteria resistant - Mold resistant.

Made from natural latex foam, KYMDAN pillows can provide the best support needed for the users’ head and neck. This relieves any pressure points, helping the user to feel refreshed, without causing any neck or shoulder pain.

Like our natural latex foam mattresses, our KYMDAN natural latex foam pillows are insect resistant, bacteria resistant and mold resistant. Our pillows are safe for your health and are not an environment for diseases to develop during its product life.


Minor Product Collection

Pillowcases are tailored in strict compliance with specification requirements so that it will not alter excellent features of the pillow, bringing better hygiene and maintenance.

Mattress cover is tailored in strict compliance with specification requirements so that it will not alter excellent features of the mattress, bringing better hygiene and maintenance.

Frame made from high quality wood (imported from the USA) - High durability - Luxury and modern designs.

Frame made from high quality wood - padded with KYMDAN natural latex foam. Does not become sunken or flatten. Luxurious and sophisticated to showcase your personal style.

KYMDAN Mattress Protector is made of quilted cotton fabric; 04 corners have pulling string to fix it to the mattress.

KYMDAN Sleep Soundly Quilts are made from high quality material that is soft, smooth, lightweight, durable and will keep you warm.