KYMDAN Deluxe Mattress

A traditional company product, KYMDAN Deluxe Mattress has 15 outstanding features and is unrivalled by any other latex mattress product in the world.
Duration of warranty: 15 years

Warranty cover: See details

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(The above price does not include bed sheets, please select bed sheets)

(*) Mattresses that have connecting pieces are also covered under full warranty like the one piece mattresses

In Viet Nam, payments are only processed in Vietnamese dong. Customers who require the price of the product in USD, AUD, EUR or YEN, are advised to independently convert the currency. Under the regulation of Vietnamese Law, foreign currencies cannot be used for the retail sale price.

Thicknesses of KYMDAN mattress
Widths of KYMDAN Deluxe Mattress
Note: KYMDAN mattresses come in a variety of sizes and are usually made from single pieces of material, in accordance with standard widths of 0.8m, 0.9m, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.5m, 1.6m, 1.8m and 2.0m. For oversized mattresses having non-standard specifications, multiple pieces are combined with glue to make custom sized mattresses. The quality of such attachments is assured by the use of special adhesives that is produced by KYMDAN. Though extra-large mattresses are not truly comparable to single piece mattresses, quality is still assured because KYMDAN applies the same warranty policy to extra-large mattresses as it does for standard dimension mattresses. 


KYMDAN Deluxe mattresses are designed with large square holes at the mattress base and small holes on the top surface that are evenly distributed. The result is increased aeration due to increased surface contact area.


Phóng to
KYMDAN Deluxe Mattress


Latex mousse - high tensile strength and strong tear resistence.


KYMDAN Mattresses - do not flatten (indented, hollow), high compressive strength,

high elasticity, instantly return to their original shape and size

15 outstanding features

Genuine and False Mattresses

Choose KYMDAN mattresses with suitable firmness.

The optimal firmness of KYMDAN natural latex mattresses provides spine support for users in all sleeping positions. To meet customer needs, KYMDAN offers three levels of firmness:


Firmness level 1: Standard Hard (SDH) mattresses are suitable for daily use by the average customer, from newborns to adults, with body weight less than 80kg (176 pounds).

Standard Hard is the lowest level of firmness for KYMDAN mattresses. Research shows this firmness level to be suitable for consumers of average weight. KYMDAN does not produce softer mattresses due to the risks related to backbone sag that may have a negative effect on the user's health and consequently losing faith in Kymdan products. 

Latex mousse do not compress or develop hollow areas for users who weigh less than 80kg

Firmness level 2: Special Hard (SH) mattresses are suitable for customers who are unaccustomed to using mattresses in the past and predominantly slept on mats, placed on floors or wooden boards. This firmness is particularly suitable for customers with minor spinal diseases or for customers that weight anywhere between of 80kg - 100kg (176 pounds - 220 pounds).

Latex mousse do not compress or develop hollow areas for users weighing 80kg – 100kg

Firmness level 3: Super Hard (SSH) mattresses are suitable for customers with serious spinal diseases, customers who stay in bed for extended periods or those with body weight over 100kg (over 220 pounds).

Mattresses of this type are also suitable for use in massage facilities.

Latex mousse do not compress or develop hollow areas when users weigh over 100kg


- The KYMDAN Deluxe 5 cm and 7.5 cm thick mattress only comes in one density which is called the "SDH - Standard Hard" density. 

- KYMDAN Deluxe mattresses come in 10cm, 12.5cm 15cm, 20cm thicknesses: each thickness level comes with three firmness levels : SDH (Standard Hard), SH (Special Hard) and SSH (Super Hard).

Note: Spine-related medical conditions:
• Spinal degeneration.
• Spinal disc herniation.
• Damaged muscles and spinal ligaments.
• Soft tissue injuries.
• Pain in lumbar spine with unknown cause.
Doctors recomend the use of KYMDAN mattresses.

How to arrange a mattress correctly:

Place the mattress on a flat surface. Either on the floor or a wooden base. It is highly not recommended to place the mattress on top of another mattress.


How To Handle Wet Mattresses:

A KYMDAN mattress that is affected by infant bed wetting should be treated as follows:

  • Place a dry towel on the wet area of the mattress and press downward using the palm so that the towel absorbs wetness.  If the mattress is very wet, repeat the same action several times using other dry towels until the mattress is relatively dry. Sprinkle talcum powder (baby powder) on the mattress to give it a pleasant smell.  Place a dry soft towel on the mattress before laying a child on it.

  • For a mattress that is not in regular use, remove the bed spread to allow air circulation and allow the mattress to acclimatize by natural evaporation for several hours (subject to climate and weather) or by fanning the wet mattress surface for about half an hour until the mattress is completely dry.

  • Do not dry a wet mattress with direct sunlight.

KYMDAN has a diversified product range and provides special styles and designs to meet customer requests.


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King Bed: we supplied this type of beds to customers in Hong Kong

Doctors recomend the use of KYMDAN mattresses

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