Kymdan Deluxe Mattress

Kymdan Deluxe Mattresses are our traditional mattress product, designed to embody 15 outstanding features that no other latex mattress in the world has achieved.

Kymdan Deluxe Mattresses are composed of:

  • The Kymdan latex foam component (usually referred to as the mattress body or core) that is structured with large square holes on the latex foam core base and small round holes that are evenly distributed on the latex foam core surface, helping to increase air ventilation due to increased contact surface area.
  • The Kymdan SoftFresh Max cover is designed to go with the mattress (cannot be removed from the mattress foam core):
    • Increase mattress hygiene, for better maintenance of the product.
    • Delivering a softer and more comfortable feeling, without compromising the benefits of the Kymdan natural latex foam.
    • Luxurious patterns for increased aesthetics.


  • The AirFresh mattress cover is made from highly elastic material that allow the cover to fit perfectly encase the latex foam core. The cover is also designed with a zipper that runs along the mattress body so that the cover can easily be taken off and place back on. The mattress cover not only does not change the superior features of Kymdan latex foam core, but also contributes to enhancing the product experience, as well as preserving the mattress’s cleanliness and product maintenance for a longer product life.

Furthermore, to keep the condition of the product at its best, we highly recommend the use of a Kymdan Mattress Protector. Our mattress protectors are made from quilted material, with 04 fasteners in the corners to fix the mattress protector to the mattress surface (under the sheets), the size of the mattress protector corresponds to the size of the mattress. "MATTRESS PROTECTOR" is an effective way to isolate the mattress from possible sources of contamination.

Warranty Period: 15 Years

Warranty Policy: See details

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(The above price does not include bed sheets, please select bed sheets)

(*) Mattresses that have connecting pieces are also covered under full warranty like the one piece mattresses

(**) Apply when purchasing at least 2 mattresses having values more than 17.000.000 VNĐ.

    0% Interest installment payment by credit card (see details)

In Viet Nam, payments are only processed in Vietnamese dong. Customers who require the price of the product in USD, AUD, EUR or YEN, are advised to independently convert the currency. Under the regulation of Vietnamese Law, foreign currencies cannot be used for the retail sale price.

In addition to the standard dimensions above, Kymdan company can make custom-sized mattresses. These made-to-order mattresses are resized to the customer’s specifications by our cut and bonding method. These mattresses are still covered under Kymdan Company’s 15-year mattress warranty policy, including a warranty for the bonding seams. (You can view custom mattress dimension prices here).

In addition, due to the fabric width limit of the SoftFresh Max cover, if you wish to order a large mattress (vertical and horizontal dimensions are ≥ 210cm), then we will adjust the cover sewing pattern to fit the mattress size (this will not affect the function and quality of the mattress). Please contact 1800 9053 for advice.

Thicknesses of Kymdan Deluxe Mattress
Widths of Kymdan Deluxe Mattress


Kymdan Deluxe mattresses are designed with large square holes at the mattress base and small holes on the top surface that are evenly distributed. The result is increased aeration due to increased surface contact area.


Phóng to
Kymdan Deluxe Mattress



Kymdan latex foam - high tensile strength and strong tear resistence.


Kymdan Mattresses - do not flatten (indented, hollow), high compressive strength, high elasticity, instantly return to their original shape and size.


15 outstanding features

Genuine and False Mattresses

Choose Kymdan mattresses with suitable optimum levels.

The optimum elasticity of Kymdan natural latex mattresses effectively supports the spine (supporting the three natural curvatures of the spine) of the user in all sleeping positions. To meet each customer's individual needs through products with the right features, Kymdan mattresses are available in three different foam densities.


Foam Density Level 1 (SDH):

With a foam density 175-200 kg/m3, these mattresses are suitable for regular use by the average customers who range in age from newborns to adults and weigh less than 80kg (176 pounds).

Mattresses with foam density level 1 (SDH) is the most commonly chosen foam density by Kymdan mattress users. Research shows this foam density to be suitable for consumers of average weight. Kymdan does not produce mattresses at a lower foam density due to the risks related to sagging of the spine. This can negatively affect a user’s health and Kymdan's prestige.

Mattresses do not compress or develop hollow areas for users weighing less than 80kg

Foam Density Level 2 (SH):

Foam Density 180 - 210 kg/m3 mattresses are suitable for customers unaccustomed to mattresses because they use floor mats or plank beds, for customers with minor spinal complications or for customers weighing 80kg - 100kg (176 pounds - 220 pounds).

Mattresses do not sink or develop hollow areas for users who weigh 80kg - 100kg

Foam Density Level 3 (SSH):

Foam Density 190 - 220 kg/m3 mattresses are suitable for customers with serious spinal injuries or illnesses, especially those who are bedridden for long-periods during treatment. This mattress density is also suitable for user weighing over 100kg. Mattresses of this type are also suitable for use in massage facilities.

Mattresses do not compress or develop hollow areas when users weigh over 100kg


- The Kymdan Deluxe 5 cm and 7.5 cm thick mattress only comes in one foam density level which is SDH (Foam Density 175-200 kg/m3).

Kymdan Deluxe mattresses come in 10cm, 12.5cm 15cm, 20cm thicknesses: each thickness level comes with three foam density levels : SDH (Foam Density 175-200 kg/m3), SH (Foam Density 180 - 210 kg/m3) and SSH (Foam Density 190 - 220 kg/m3).

Note: Spine-related medical conditions:
• Spinal degeneration.
• Spinal disc herniation.
• Damaged muscles and spinal ligaments.
• Soft tissue injuries.
• Pain in lumbar spine with unknown cause.
Kymdan Mattresses are highly recommended to use by doctors (see details).

How to arrange a mattress correctly:

Place the mattress on a flat surface. Either on the floor or a wooden base. It is highly not recommended to place the mattress on top of another mattress.


How to treat wet mattresses:

In case a Kymdan mattress has been wet due to child bedwetting, treat mattress as follows:

  • Take off the Kymdan mattress cover and wash separately.

  • Treat the Kymdan natural latex foam mattress as follows:

    • Use a dry towel to press hard onto wet area of the mattress to soak up as much liquid as possible, continue pressing until you can no longer soak up anymore liquid. Then direct a fan towards the wet surface of the mattress until dry. Afterwards, you may sprinkle some baby powder (a safe type used for children, we recommend using types imported/purchased overseas such as from the USA or Australia) onto the soiled area for a pleasant smell.
    • When the mattress is not in use, take off the bed sheet to allow any dampness to evaporate naturally (a few hours depending on the temperature and climate) or direct a fan towards the wet surface of the mattress until completely dry (approximately 30 minutes).
    • Do not dry the wet mattress directly under the sun.
    • Do not use a heater to dry the mattress.
    • Do not expose the mattress to temperatures higher than 40°C/104°F for an extended period of time. 
    • Do not clean or dry the mattress by rubbing the surface of the mattress.

    Kymdan has a diversified product range and provides special styles and designs to meet customer requests.


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King Bed: we supplied this type of beds to customers in Hong Kong


Kymdan Mattresses are highly recommended to use by doctors (see details)

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