Kymdan Beds

All Kymdan beds are designed and produced by Kymdan Company and the resistered design is protected by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam. Kymdan beds are not copies of any other bed designs on the market.

Features of Kymdan Beds

       Kymdan Wooden Bed:

  • Sophisticated style with many designs for you to choose from.
  • Frames made from the highest quality timbers (termite treated and stabalized wood that can withstand the humidity of Vietnam's climate) and are imported from the United States with specified origin (no wood from natural forests is used).
  • Frame surface is covered with high quality PU paint.
  • The cover materials (Vinyl or Upholstery fabric Premium) are available in a variety of colors to deliver luxury and sophistication to your home. These materials feature the following benefits:
    • Vinyl material: is highly water-resistant and easy to clean. It also meets OEKO Tex Standard 100 which is safe to use (this product does not contain any chemicals and harmful substances such as Formaldehyde, Azo dye, heavy metal, and banned hazardous chemicals that can cause carcinogens …).
    • Upholstery fabric Premium material: made from high quality material, has been treated with anti-stain technology helping to make keeping your product clean during use. Durable fabric that has a high color fastness and especially fire retardant.  Available in a variety of colors and weave patterns to deliver a vibrant lively atmosphere to your home.

         10 year warranty for the wood frame and 15 year warranty for the natural latex foam used in the design (if used).

The advantage of Kymdan Wooden Bed

​​​Kymdan Folding Bed:

  • Frames are made of iron, steel with electrostatic paint.
  • Elegant design (2 types: adjustable and non-adjustable).
  • Consists of two foldable halves with 04 wheels for easy mobility and movement.
  • A safety lock to secure the two halves when folded.
  • Suitable for small houses or used as spare beds in hotels and hospitals (the adjustable type).

       10 year warranty for the frame and 15 year warranty for the natural latex foam

Kymdan folding beds

Bed frames are made of iron, steel with electrostatic paint. High mobility and foldability make it very suitable to small houses or used as spare beds in hotels and hospitals (the adjustable type).

Our objective is to provide customers with highly durable products. Therefore, bed frames are made of very thick iron or steel and are thus quite heavy. However, such limitation in weight is remedied by the mechanism of two folding halves with a safety lock and 04 wheels for easy mobility.

Kymdan Folding Beds are equipped with Kymdan Deluxe mattresses, which brings precious features of safety and spine and health protection to users.

Note: To take full advantage of mobility and foldability of Kymdan folding bed, and not to increase the total weight, please use the bed with Kymdan Deluxe mattresses of 5cm thickness.

You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping. Thus, the bed is the closest place of your life.

In addition to our top priority of providing customers with high-durability products, Kymdan beds are designed to catch up with the latest aesthetic trends, focusing on demands and tastes of consumers to create various types of beds. Kymdan beds will not only increase the luxurious appearance but also give you a feeling that they are tailored for your own house.

Kymdan Folding Beds are available in 2 types: Adjustable and Non-adjustable Upper part